Do you wanna join Mutumutu?

Our team is full of experienced managers, people with long-time insurance background, young enthusiasts as well as colleagues who thought they would never ever work in an insurance field. Do you wanna join the team and help us revolutionize the Czech and European life insurance market?

Open positions

Node.js Developer
React/React Native Developer
Data Analyst
Growth hacker
CZ: Superstar prodeje po telefonu
CZ: Superstar zákaznické péče

Who are we?

We created Mutumutu with the ambition to provide our clients with a fair life insurance. With a contract written on a few pages, without tons of exclusions and tiny footnotes. We speak human, not legal. We developed a simple insurance policy that everyone understands and can trust. More than that, we motivate people to live healthy by rewarding them for an active lifestyle! 

We want not only to grow our Czech business but we have European-wide ambitions - launching first foreign expansion in Q4 2021. Do you wanna join the adventure?

Learn more about us if you speak Czech.

Node.js Developer

What would you do?

Mutumutu backend is powered by Node.js and there’s plenty of work to go around.

You will be:

  • working with a team of 4 other backend developers on different components of our infrastructure (e.g. business logic, REST APIs, generating PDF files, third party integrations, reporting etc.)
  • writing a tested production-grade code that will hold up against our sneaky testers
  • providing code reviews to IT team colleagues and getting feedback on your own
  • helping our product manager when it comes to specifying new features
  • getting Mutumutu from a Czech startup to a global company in multiple countries and variations
  • if interested, overlapping into either our client-facing React/React Native apps, or our fitness data scoring engine in Python

Who are we looking for?

Node.js engineer who will help us go global. You should already be familiar with the technologies we use or be okay with learning new things.

  • Node.js (feathers js, sequelize, mocha)
  • REST, GraphQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • Docker

I want to work with you 

React/React Native Developer

Your responsibilities:

You will be in charge of the following:

  • together with two other frontend fighters you will work on all our frontends, whether it is our product pages, web insurance arrangements or mobile apps for our clients
  • write production-ready code that will stand up to our testers standards
  • provide code reviews to colleagues from the IT team (and you will also receive feedback on your code)
  • you will work with our product team to design new features that will bring our customers the greatest benefit
  • If you are interested, you can work on our Backend in Node.js and meet PostgreSQL or RabbitMQ

Who are we looking for?

We write all our frontends in React or React Native. Among the technologies you will face with us are, for example:

  • React for web and React Native for mobile app
  • Typescript
  • SDK Google Fit and Apple Health Kit
  • REST, GraphQL


Data Analyst

Your responsibilities

  • Interpreting data, analyzing results using statistical techniques
  • Develop and implement databases, data collection systems, data analytics and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality

What are we looking for:

  • At least 1 year of experience in Data analytics
  • Knowledge of at least one data programming language (SQL, Python, R)
  • Knowledge of data infrastructure tools (ETL) favourable
  • Strong analytical skills such as business interpretation of results and making suggestions for business owners
  • Proactive, curious approach to everything - we are looking for dynamic, energetic people who are not afraid to suggest new ways of doing things


Growth hacker

Job brief

We are looking for a talented performance marketing specialist / growth hacker to help us grow our Czech and international business. You will work with data from various sources to suggest, test and implement new solutions that would enhance our sales and improve customer satisfaction. If you’re interested in web technologies and can bring innovative ideas to increase sales and enhance customer experience, we would like to meet you.

What will you do

Your job will be to make sure Mutumutu grows as much as possible through digital channels. Based on data you analyze, you will become the brain of our CRM, marketing automation. You’ll push our marketing to deliver results from the digital space.

Selling life insurance online is not exactly a piece of cake – however, we are pioneers in the field. Yet, you’ll have a cool brand & market-beating product as well as cutting-edge tools such as Exponea to your hands.

Your initial task will be to boost our business in Czech Republic, but soon you’ll add another country to your portfolio - France. Feeling ambitious to add another market? Well, as our product is expanding very quickly you might look forward to other European markets, but this time, you’d have an opportunity to create & lead your own performance team.

Your responsibilities will be to:
  • Automation: set-up, evaluate and optimize automated online campaigns to help us reach the potential of marketing automation
    • Encompassing different communication channels such as emailing, remarketing, web layers etc. all of which should combine to an uniform and effective communication strategy
  • Insights generation: deep dive into our data sources such as Exponea, Google Analytics and similar, to constantly look for new opportunities and solutions
    • Subsequently draft, run and evaluate experiments (AB tests) to find the best possible solution
  • CRM management: keep the database of tens of thousands customer contacts fresh and clean
  • Basic programming: utilize full potential of Exponea by using advanced features, which often include basic usage of HTML, CSS and Jinja
  • Cooperation: close cooperation with product and marketing/sales teams on regular basis

Our expectations of you

  • Strong analytical and reporting skills
  • Ability to see shortcomings and solutions that others don’t see
  • Drive and ability/hunger to learn quickly and become the best in field
  • Ambition to conquer European markets
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Previous experience with Exponea is welcomed
  • Moderate knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jinja
  • Proficiency both in Czech and English is required. Other languages such as French, German, Italian or Polish are an advantage.

Our offer

  • Competitive salary including variable component
  • Half-to-full time contract (based on common agreement) with flexible working hours
  • Personal growth in a fast growing startup with international expansion planned for 2021
  • Possibility to challenge and change the market and improve its reputation
  • Prague city center working location in the offices of the CEE’s biggest innovation agency - Creative Dock

I want to work with you 

Superstar prodeje po telefonu

Co budeš dělat?

  • Telefonovat: Pokud nám zájemce o pojištění nechá kontakt, tvým cílem ho bude nadchnout pro náš produkt stejně, jako jsme do něj nadšení my. Ne, nechceme abys nikomu nic nutil. Chceme, aby na konci hovoru byly spokojené obě strany - Ty, že jsi prodal naše pojištění, a klient, že si dobře vybral a může v klidu spát.
  • Mentorovat: V týmu už dva lidi máme. Budeš jim pomáhat rozvíjet v sobě obchodního ducha. Budeš společně s nimi plánovat, jak dostihnout co nejvíce lidí na telefonu a nadchnout je naší nabídkou.
  • Partnera pro rozvoj firmy. Jsme otevřená firma, co si nehraje na hierarchii. Takže pokud budeš mít pocit, že u nás něco nefunguje, vymyslíme společně, jak to dělat lépe.

 Co od tebe očekáváme?

  • umíš prodávat po telefonu
  • máš rád lidi a rád s nimi komunikuješ
  • obchodování máš v krvi a baví tě to, jsi zaměřená/ý na výsledek
  • vneseš do našeho týmu soutěživost a obchodního ducha

Co nabízíme?

  • práci, co dává smysl a pomáhá lidem
  • zkušenost v rostoucím startupu s expanzí do dalších evropských zemí
  • tým plný inspirativních a příjemných lidí bez obleků, kufříků a kravat
  • možnost částečně pracovat z domova
  • neformální atmosféru v kanceláři s dostatkem ovoce, kafe a pobíhajících domácích mazlíčků

Chci u vás pracovat 

Superstar zákaznické péče

Co budeš dělat?

Budeš pečovat o naše klienty, konkrétně:

  • po mailu, chatu, SMS a telefonu budeš s našimi klienty řešit vše kolem jejich smluv. Nebo když se klientům nedejbože něco stane, pomůžete jim překlenout těžké období. A budeš také u toho, když poděkují, že jsme je namotivovali k tomu žít zdravěji.

Co od tebe očekáváme?

  • máš rádi lidi a rád s nimi komunikuješ
  • pro klienty jsi připraven udělat “první - poslední”
  • k problémům se stavíš čelem
  • máš smysl pro humor
  • domluvíš se anglicky

Co nabízíme?

  • práci, co dává smysl a pomáhá lidem
  • zkušenost v rostoucím startupu s expanzí do dalších evropských zemí
  • tým plný inspirativních a příjemných lidí bez obleků, kufříků a kravat
  • možnost částečně pracovat z domova
  • neformální atmosféru v kanceláři s dostatkem ovoce, kafe a pobíhajících domácích mazlíčků
  • nejen Míša a Lukáš se na tebe už moc těší ;) 

Chci u vás pracovat